exip Embeddable EXI Processor in C

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Change log
Version 0.5.4 (Bugfix alpha release)
  • Bug fixes
  • Support for substitution groups
  • Deviations in statically defined EXI grammars
  • EXI Cookie
  • Options Presence Bit
  • Strict mode
  • Preserve.prefixes
  • SchemaId
  • ValueMaxLength
  • ValuePartitionCapacity
  • Schema parser for EXI encoded XML Schemas
Known issues:
  • Compression and pre-compression are not supported
  • Preserving lexicalValues is not supported
  • Random access through selfContained option is not supported
  • Datatype Representation Map is not supported
  • Fragments are only partially supported
  • Few XML schema constructs are not implemented yet (e.g., string pattern facets for Restricted Character Sets, global attributes)

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