exip  Alpha 0.5.4
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Here is a list of all modules:
oBuild using GCCInformation on how to build exip using GCC toolchain
oBuild using MSVSInformation on how to build exip using MS Visual Studio 2010
oExample applicationsInformation on the included example applications and how to build and run them
oPublic APIInformation on the public API (functions and data types) of the exip library
oCommon moduleFunctionality common for all other modules
oContent I/O moduleHigh level encoding/decoding
oGrammar moduleGrammar definitions and manipulations
oGrammar generator moduleDerive schema-informed grammars from XML Schemas
oStream I/O moduleLow level encoding/decoding
oString tables moduleString tables manipulation
oUnit and integration testsInformation on testing infrastructure
\EXIP utilitiesInformation on utility tools part of the exip library